Network Operations Center (NOC) Services for Business

GPW's Network Operations Center (NOC) is a state-of-the art facility designed to provide businesses with the highest levels of monitoring, managing and provisioning of SONET and IP networks utilizing the latest tools and equipment.  The NOC is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year by highly experienced telecommunications and network specialists.  When you call GPW's NOC, you'll speak to a trained technician, not voice mail.

GPW's NOC offers the following services to businesses:

  • Trouble Call Management - GPW will answer calls from your employees and/or customers with a customized response that you design. We can dispatch your company's technicians, our technicians, and/or take corrective action on your behalf.  We will create, maintain and update trouble logs and provide you with the data to help you understand what's occurring in your business.
  • Performance Monitoring - GPW's NOC can monitor the SONET, Ethernet, or IP networks of your business and provide the performance reports you require to function efficiently.  
      • GPW's Internet service is multi-homed to multiple upstream Internet Service Providers, insuring businesses the availability of an ISP even if one or more are out of service. 
      • GPW's Internet service utilizes geographically diverse Network Access Points (NAP) throughout our network.  Should one or more of our Network Access Points become unavailable, Georgia Public Web can utilize our network to quickly restore your Internet connection by routing to another Network Access Point.
      • GPW's Internet service is backed by a premium Service Level Agreement (SLA).
      • GPW's Internet service is supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC), staffed by highly skilled and trained technicians insuring that businesses receive the highest levels of monitoring and support.
  • Circuit Provisioning -GPW's NOC allows businesses to provision circuits and network services across any equipment monitored by the NOC.  Should you wish GPW to provision circuits or network services, GPW will provide these services according to specifications and plans you develop.  Near-real-time access is available and GPW can provide daily, weekly or monthly reporting. 
  • Managed Router Services- GPW can provide businesses with Managed Router services.  We can provide routers for sale or lease, as well as router management and maintenance services for your business requirements.
  • Collocation Services - GPW offers collocation services for businesses in various locations on our network.  Whether you are seeking simple collocation of equipment or sophisticated disaster recovery and redundancy services, GPW can assist.