Internet Connectivity for Business (DS-1 to OC-48; 10Mbps to 10Gig Ethernet)

Georgia Public Web's Internet service has been designed to provide businesses the highest levels of performance and reliability.  Georgia Public Web maintains Internet availability in excess of 99.9%.  Georgia Public Web measures availability from the customer premise to the Internet, including local loop and access.  Most companies measure availability from POP to POP on their network, often giving a distorted view of true availability.

  • GPW's Internet service is multi-homed to multiple upstream Internet Service Providers, insuring businesses the availability of an ISP even if one or more are out of service. 
  • GPW's Internet service utilizes geographically diverse Network Access Points (NAP) throughout our network.  Should one or more of our Network Access Points become unavailable, Georgia Public Web can utilize our network to quickly restore your Internet connection by routing to another resilient Network Access Point.
  • GPW's Internet service is backed by a premium Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • GPW's Internet service is supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC), staffed by highly skilled and trained technicians insuring that businesses receive the highest levels of monitoring and support.

GPW offers businesses attractive and highly flexible pricing plans.